The magical city


How can we capture the identity of a city?

 It would be distinguishing what makes the difference from the rest of the cities, and Barcelona offers much of this. In front of such a challenge, we will devote ourselves to discover some of these characteristics throughout our tours.

 Natives, and those who choose to live in Barcelona, are proud of their city and there is no more respectable and fair feeling.

Being limited by mountains and the Mediterranean sea, Barcelona does not try to expand but regenerate, maintaining its tangible and intangible patrimonies that belong to its history and culture.

We will appreciate how the jewels of the past are maintained and how the time shaped its relevance. From a small colony in the past it became a cosmopolitan, modern and state-of-the-art city which is internationally valued because of its architectonic and cultural patrimony, its economy, gastronomy, sports and social life.

The visitor is soon captivated by the charm of the city, which has been preserved and enriched with the passage of time.


Discover our Tours

360º Bike & Sailing Tour

4 hours | 155€ per person | English

Let’s expand your senses by land and sea! If you are always looking for the authenticity, for sure, this is your tour!

Bike Tour

4 hours | 37€ per person | English

Do you have your senses activated? Let’s expand them by discovering Barcelona in our eco-friendly bike tour, Be like Us!

Sunset Sailing

2 hours | 110€ per person | English

If you are a lover of adventure, always looking for unforgettable moments, of course, this is your tour!


2.5 hours | 75€ per person | English

If you like the authenticity, this is undoubtedly your ideal tour!


2 hours | 42€ per person | English

Get ready to submerge in the most alternative neighborhood of Barcelona.


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